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You Wanted It….Now Use It

Posted by Deborah | May 7th, 2015 | No responses


As if work life isn’t busy enough.

Your in-tray is stacked, we’re on a short working week because of the Bank Holiday, and who in their right mind wants to haul themselves along to a community centre or a primary school on a midweek day to put a tick in a box anyway?

I mean – it’s not like your view is going to change the verdict is it?

Let’s face it, polling day is quite possibly a long way from a priority for a lot of us, but there are more than enough societies in the world who would kill to have the opportunity to input on a political decision such as this.

As it happens, I’m far from being a political animal, and despite a birthday on International Women’s Day, I’m not much of a bra-burning feminist either.

That said, I still made the trip to vote today, and I’m proud to have said I’ve done so.

The reality is – particularly as women – we voiced loud enough and campaigned hard enough all those decades ago that we wanted the right.

Today we have a chance to exercise that right and to add our view (however passive) to a national debate.

Why wouldn’t you?

Oh…and on an aside….How long does everyone think it’ll be before we can make our vote count via a smartphone app?

Something tells me that’s not so far off…


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