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Why Bank Holidays Were Made for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Deborah | May 1st, 2015 | No responses


There are lots of reasons to feel good about the British Springtime.

For one, the days are getting longer and it’s the end to that depressing commute in the dark.

For another – well, it brings us a run of bank holidays and therefore extended weekends to enjoy downtime with friends and family.

Of course, if you’re an entrepreneur (or just a self-confessed workaholic with an inbox that never empties), those holiday times intended to give you a break from the office schedule, can seem like they’re not conducive to your over-active ‘must get things done’ mentality.

But, embrace the bank holiday weekend properly, and you’ll find energy, enthusiasm and creativity are reignited in the very way your entrepreneurial journey needs.

Here’s a few hints and tips for making the best of that ‘time out’, learned on the back of my own experiences (and mistakes!):


On the Business, Not in the business

It’s often referred to as the challenge for an entrepreneur – either to spend time ON the business, or IN the business. With less customer contact to distract you, now’s a great time to reflect on things like PR strategy, next-stage goals and objectives, and to consider recent successes to date.


Fuel Your Enthusiasm

Food, rest, exercise….They’re all things we know we need to give great attention to, but when we’re dealing with restless entrepreneurial syndrome day in day out, it can mean we make those things slip just to ‘keep going’ with the daily demands. Use the bank holiday to eat well, rest well, enjoy healthy food and experience a good dose of exercise. Your body and mind will thank you for it.


Inspiration in all shapes and sizes

It’s funny how we assume we need to only surround ourselves with other business people to achieve business success. I’ve found – as have many entrepreneurs and business owners I know – that inspiration and opportunity can come when we’re less in the thick of work itself, and perhaps doing something as ‘non business minded’ as taking a child for a swim, teaching them how to make something, or when we’re having a thoroughly relaxed conversation with an old friend. Use the weekend to open the doors to inspiration.


Power Down

It’s harder than ever to step away from the 9to5 now that we’re all clutching smart phones and the like. Make a pact with yourself (and those who love you and value your time) to power down and restrict how much you look at your phone or email. Put an out of office on your email and encourage yourself to get over your usual ‘separation anxiety’ from your device.


Make Like a Sponge

Holiday weekends are a great time to make like a sponge and soak up whatever learnings and wisdom you wouldn’t normally get chance to digest. Read a book (ok, a business focused biography if it makes you feel better…), a podcast, or some inspirational blogs and commentary. While the phone is ringing less and there are less business demands on you, now is the obvious opportunity to absorb useful content which you’d otherwise feel too darned busy for.


And whatever you do….make sure you ENJOY your time out. Life wasn’t meant to be only about work. You are far more than your work-day persona!

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