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Stop Selling to Me. Sell You to Me.

Posted by Deborah | June 19th, 2015 | No responses

Pic courtesy StockImages

Pic courtesy StockImages

I know we all moan about the need to attend networking events from time to time, but they can be a really great insight – even if they don’t immediately land you the six figure contract.This week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to one which had a great mix of informal mingling and deliberate ‘speaker’ inputs.

The thing that struck me most by the end of the evening was how very differently the speaking / preaching platform had been approached, and which of the ‘deliverers’ would ultimately end up with the most business conversion.

Of those that took to the floor, the very best shared in common certain factors which would make them immediately memorable by breakfast the following morning (while the worst would be forgotten before you’d even left the car park).

The truth is, even with a megaphone for volume and a service-list of 50 products, we don’t buy from you because you’re screaming at us. We buy, most likely, because we BUY YOU!

Mindful of just how important those speaking opportunities can be, and how indicative they are of successful marketing and relationship-building, here’s some tips on why the sales platform should be just as much about ‘selling you’ as selling your wares.


Savvy Storytelling has a Considered Tempo

As hard as it may be, and as much as nerves can be a factor in either one-to-one or audience-focused delivery, do try to create a varied pace and tone to your overall message.

Whether you’re pitching to someone directly or letting a business group know all about what you do, remember that they have a limited appetite for overtly sales-patter and are far more likely to stay hooked if your dialogue has variety and a genuine sense of enthusiasm.


Be More Human and Less Robot

It’s hard to speak ‘from the heart’ in public, but when you can, and when you can offer someone something entirely ‘unscripted’, it’s likely to come across more sincere and more engaging.

Always always remember – PEOPLE BUY PEOPLE.

At the event I attended, one told a story without notes and referred to his humorous and very personal reasons for launching his business. Another spoke from a script with paragraph after paragraph outlining each of his products.

You can guess which one was more memorable and led to more post-talk conversations.


The Power of Humour

You don’t have to be a comedy genius to deliver something which is likely to capture people’s attention.

A touch of appropriate humour can go a long way to warming up an audience’s interest and giving them reason to keep ‘hearing you’.

The more dry you are, the less likely they are to really capture any underlying sales message you’re hoping to get across.


Leave us with a Reason to Engage

Whether you’ve just had a meeting with a prospect, delivered a pitch or presented to an audience of 200 business potentials, it’s important to leave the door ever so slightly open for people to want to make contact with you afterwards.

Consider this your call to action.

Whether that means you’re alerting them to the imminent new offering you have, or are urging their opinion on your latest website, or are hitting home with specific pertinent references to where their business / sector is currently at, give them a reminder that  you really ‘get’ them and that you’d like to hear from them again.



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Pic courtesy StockImages

Pic courtesy StockImages


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