Public Relations

Public Relations is the process of informing an audience – be that consumer or corporate – and generating or enhancing relationships through that action.

The practice should ultimately raise awareness of the brand or organisation from whom the information comes, and might be delivering detail of a message, a product, or a service.

Typically, the activity classed as Public Relations would be a form of marketing which does not require additional payment and therefore is providing content of ‘worth’ to its audience. Thus, it is not the same as advertising.

A company or individual might want public relations help because they are – appealing to a particular audience to join a cause or hear a particular view; because they have a new product or service which they wish to push to potential consumers; or perhaps because they have relationships to build as a result of previous issues.

Public relations can include a variety of techniques, from the writing and distribution of press releases, the creation of specific targeted communication campaigns, production of thought-leadership (voice of authority / op-ed) articles, organising interview opportunities, or acting as a spokesperson where appropriate.

Our experience positions us well to carry out all these techniques.

We combine the important skillset of journalists, with that of PR professionals – thus always ensuring we are able to think objectively about the best campaign approaches.

Our work with St John Ambulance is just one example of expertly delivered Public Relations. This campaign work required exceptionally proactive public relations practices, superb media relationships, and a 24-7 approach to dealing with any issue that might arise and potentially affect the organisation’s brand profile.

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