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Playing the Beautiful Game (of PR) internationally

Posted by Deborah | June 11th, 2014 | No responses

With the World Cup literally ‘kicking off’ this week, countries and cultures come together to play by one set of game rules.

Let’s take a look at how international relations can prove helpful as you approach your marketing and business development.

1. customers are many and varied

Our customer-base is broader than ever these days. We’re typically not preaching to one ethnicity, one gender, or one foreign-tongue. Enhancing international relations via other businesses or practitioners overseas can really help to capture a larger breadth of potential client.

2. reach for the stars

So you want your business to grow and your brand awareness to be spread far and wide? Why stop your marketing at the shores of the UK? Looking farther than your current territory may help you see an audience you’d never known existed outside of your country of base.

3. knowledge is power

We can all speculate about how our product or service is likely to be perceived, but far better to have on-the-ground knowledge. Working with others through a strategy of international relations can really help you better understand different territories and how you should target them.

4. boundaries? What boundaries?

From the moment we started doing business on the Internet – whether we use that for direct retail or not – we were accepting that there’s a shopping portal for companies the world over. There really are no boundaries for doing business these days.

Even without specifically targeting, you could still attract attention from a customer, investor or supplier who happens to be overseas. Taking a strategic approach to international relations means youll have tactics in place for such approaches, as well as being eyes-open about the chance to improve your own supply channel in other markets abroad.

5. next stop…the universe

There’s a good reason why bodies like the UKTI exist, and why they like advisors to visit you to see what you’re doing and how you might monetise your offering overseas.

Even if you’re only vaguely considering growth in other countries, or if you think a supplier or manufacturer abroad might benefit your business delivery here, do contact the UKTI. Their advice may kickstart a very different insight and open up communication with like minded companies in your field abroad.

6. new perspectives

Every business has the potential to go stale if it’s not continually looking at new ways of delivering its service or product. If you’ve always been uk-based and UK-targeted, no matter how successfully, it may help you to form international relationships and learn from others.

It may not be that you then become hellbent on an overseas office or the desire to target customers in a particular country, but it may be as simple as learning about new technologies or practices which have been adopted ahead of those in your own country.


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