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No need to be ‘on hold’ until post election

Posted by Deborah | April 20th, 2015 | No responses


Holiday seasons, the financial year end, a change of management, or a company relocation…these are just some of the many and varied reasons which can make a decision maker question the timing of marketing.

Of course, this next few weeks sees us throw an altogether different one into the mix…

No, not the arrival of the Royal baby (although there are more than enough pundits anxiously awaiting that one), but more the General Election and the bid for Number 10.

Understandably, any commercial leader is going to start questioning what changes a new or different shaped party might bring to business.


Will it mean significant savings?
Will it give rise to making that commercial decision you’ve debated for years?

Will it lead to a less stable economy for a period of time?
Will it bring a flood of new recruits to the door of your industry?

These are just some of the issues which could come bouncing out of the election verdict when it lands in May.

But is that good enough reason to sit tight and do close to nothing in the world of your marketing, or is it actually a superb time to consolidate your troops and consider the new vision for your business or offering?

Absolutely the latter.

This apparent ‘dead time’ means a perfect opportunity to reflect on your marketing and business accomplishments in the recent months and years, and to look at where you really need to be looking if scenario A, B or Z should happen in the coming weeks.

In fact, the benefit of NOT YET knowing the outcome, means you will be forced to look at alternatives and why they would have been more or less preferable.

You’ll be able to keep those in mind and assess their relevance as soon as the verdict is delivered.

Here’s my four reasons why you should be looking at marketing activity now, and specific elements you might consider…



Just because the press is full of stories about the election, it doesn’t mean it thinks every reader is obsessed with politics. It knows it needs the light for the dark. It knows it needs contrast.

Thus, if you’ve got a great story with an edge, or something a little engaging or informative, there’s a high chance the press appetite will accommodate you well.



Reviewing and appraising marketing strategies and PR activity to date is always hard when you’re in the absolute thick of more budgets, more ‘doing’ and less ‘creative time’.
Play the lull to your advantage and explore what you’ve been doing and how you might change it. Consider how differently your customers might be thinking under a different or changed party.


We’re just inside a new financial year, so this is a great time for starting with some conscious intention.

Yes, the landscape of our economy on business activity could have some nuances to it emerging in the coming weeks, but you’ll still need to be driving the commercial bus and keeping your name and brand out there.

Use the new financial year and this perfect ‘silly season’ opportunity to be religious about marketing planning and budgeting for the 12 months ahead, and to look at what new strategies you could adopt within that.



Much is changing and homework is critical. Yes, we’re waiting to hear on one verdict, but that doesn’t mean the pace of change in social media, content marketing, public relations activity, isn’t happening all around us.

For example, did you know that this month google changes how it reads your website if it isn’t mobile-friendly? Exactly.

Use the time to look at the marketing landscape and at what small steps could make a big difference to you.


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