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What Disney & Elsa can teach you about succesful PR

Posted by Deborah | March 13th, 2015 | No responses


It’s the news that will excite ‘girlie girls’ all over the land.

This morning it’s been announced that the highest grossing animated film, Frozen, is to have a sequel in the not too distant future.

Fans everywhere could debate for hours what makes it such an incredible success, but whatever the answer, it certainly has been a marketing triumph.

Not only has the film itself had families rushing to cinemas and queuing for the DVD, but it’s led to retailers cramming shelves with all manner of associated products and collateral.

So, with Frozen having been one of the most successful PR ‘brand stories’ of recent times, is there anything we can learn from the triumph about the ingredients for achieving great PR and brand awareness?

Here’s five insights…..



Know your audience:

Disney did a great job not only in keeping the young princess-aspiring girl in its mind when making the film, but took it a step further by wanting to engage the family. Older lovers of west end productions could relate to this musical offering, and everyone from child to grandmother was drawn in.

Remember who your core audience is, but also who influences purchasing decisions around your product and service.



See beyond your primary product or service:

When your primary aim is to launch a specific product or tell the story of one service, you can get blinded by tunnel vision and forget to look at the wider landscape within any strategy.

What works with Frozen is that the marketing takes a broad overview of what ‘else’ can be achieved by the film.

Inevitably, this meant opening up potential for much more brand-associated purchasing, for plenty of dialogue around female leads and role models, and it gave way to chart-topping success too.

Think broadly about the longevity of your PR activity.



You don’t have to reinvent, just be better:
Frozen isn’t really such a groundbreaking plot. After all, we’ve seen plenty of stories around princesses and the like.

But this time, Disney was determined to be very ‘up to date’ and to bring him some strong themes for its females.

Consider that you don’t need to come up with something exceptional and revolutionary to create good PR. In fact, you can stick to what you know – but just tell the story differently.



Create your own brand champions:
Your PR machine is more than what filters out of your marketing department in official channels.

Just as Frozen’s team did, use what you can via social media and the potential for viral activity.

The more your potential customer base is telling others how great you are, the more credible the message than your basic press release effort.

Think how you’ll use social media and other opportunities to best effect.



Time to perfection:

It’s no coincidence that Disney films are timed for release when they are (say, to catch a holiday audience or to secure DVD sales at Christmas). Timing really is critical in the world of marketing and PR.

Discuss your strategy and however eager you feel about releasing your news, always ask yourself if this absolutely the BEST time for BEST response.

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