Media Training

Media TrainingMedia training is the process of advising and facilitating individuals to be more confident and proficient when faced with media interviews.

Training can be provided on a one to one basis, or managed as a group activity for several members of any organisation.

Our media training features a variety of approaches, tailored to suit the organisation or individual’s current need.

Training typically includes interview techniques, understanding of the journalist’s objectives, pre-record and live interviews, and an insight into good and bad media handling.

We can conduct media training with or without full broadcast equipment to record your experience of being in front of the camera.

We often work with accomplished BBC presenters to enhance your training experience.

Our media training has included helping private and public sector clients.

Among others, we have trained members of St John Ambulance, Suffolk County Council, and Basildon Women’s Aid.


Here’s four things to consider if you’re going to undertake media training:

 1. Who in my team needs media training?

Is this a director level requirement, for someone who covers your marketing matters, or a way of ensuring that younger staff see their position in the business as relevant?

2. Is broadcast or print most important to me (or a mix of both)?

You may want to experience having a camera in your face if you know this is a likely potential for your organisation. However, you may simply see media training as something to give you an insight into how a press release is written and what journalists want from you.

3. What will I expect from the training?

If you want the trainers to help you identify good spokespeople, make sure they’re aware of this. Often it becomes very clear who has a natural affinity toward PR and spokesperson activity.

4. Do I want a follow-up or more help?

Good media trainers will be able to offer you ongoing services so that they can be telephoned just ahead of a media interview to give you reassurance. Alternatively, they may be happy to take on the role of spokesperson or media minder for your company when required.