Are you a seasoned marketing professional who knows exactly what the discipline is and why you require extra resource for your specific business?
Or are you someone who ‘thinks’ they have an idea of what marketing is and how it might work – but you’ve never engaged it and would require some hand-holding?

Either way, we can assist you.

Marketing is a rather broad term, essentially covering the activity around identifying who wants your product and service, how best you can reach them with it, what sets it apart, and what’s going to secure sustainable sale of it.

There are many facets of marketing, which, when combined, should best enable you to achieve significant business benefit – but it’s a brave marketeer who goes into any marketing pursuit without a considered strategy.

One of the first things to help you break down your approach to marketing is to look at the fundamentals….the six P’s of marketing.

These are:

Product: The product or service(s) you are selling

Place: Where is that product or service available and where does it sit in the market

Price: Yes, that issue of money. Everything has a ‘price’ but is yours the right one?

Promotion: How are you getting your products and services in front of those most likely to buy?

People: Always important. Remember who is contributing to your product and service and how their skillset is contributing.

Process: What’s the system that gets your product or service out of the door, into the right hands, and which leads to review and analysis of customer satisfaction?

Put those six together and you have a rounded Marketing Mix.

We’ve helped many brands and businesses assess what their current marketing needs are and we are proud to have contributed to business leaders having re-shaped or simply reassessed where they have come from in their lifecycle and where they hope to go next.

If we can help you, get in touch.