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I’m in the club. Now what?

Posted by Deborah | July 8th, 2014 | No responses

I can’t tell you the number of times in recent years I’ve visited a potential client, only to hear them proclaim:

‘Well I’m on social media – but nothing is really changing…’.

With every new medium that arises, from Facebook to twitter to Pinterest to Jelly, companies the world over start signing up their brand in the hope that this new deliverable will be the answer to their corporate prayers.

But there’s a fundamental problem with that. Let’s say you invite me to a party because I’m new in town and I’ve complained I’d like to meet more people.

Sure enough, I pitch up, but I refuse to take my coat off, sidle off into the corner of the kitchen, say all the wrong things to all the wrong people, and refuse to participate in that group game of adult Twister. Come the next morning, I’m on the phone to you wondering why on earth I didn’t meet a single new person and certainly have no planned coffee-dates with any of the fellow guests.

In the same way, what if I tell you I want to run a marathon? I sign up to a gym, a running club, motivational apps, and buy all the right sportswear. Two months later when you ask how the training is going I tell you I’ve not been to the gym once, I can’t work the apps and I don’t think the running club is ‘my thing’.

See the theme here?

Well you should. We’re talking about the need for genuine active engagement in any club / channel / resource / opportunity. This is very much the case with the many and varied marketing channels you choose to deploy.

No matter how much you might finally understand social media has its space, you can’t possibly hope it will contribute to growing your customer base if you then refuse to find a voice upon it, to be a regular contributor or to explore what the competitor base is doing alongside you in that arena.

Nor can you expect to employ a PR consultant and achieve weekly double page spreads in a broadsheet newspaper, when you’re failing to help them find news within your business, when you’re ignoring deadlines they pass on from journalists, or when you’re shutting them out from your senior team.

So the point of all this? It really is very simple.

Get engaged and participatory in all your undertakings and the results will speak for themselves. Alternatively, hang out in the kitchen and make like a wallflower….and you’ll go home lonely and disappointed – again!

My top 3 tips:

  • Sign up to marketing channels which you feel best align with your brand I and with what you’re able to contribute on a frequent basis.
  •  Join the club but partake too. If you sign up a PR professional, provide them with the tools to assist. If you take out advertising, talk at length with the outlet about you hope to achieve. Help others to help you.
  •  Keep learning, keep listening. Choosing a marketing medium is not enough. Make it your business to keep your knowledge topped up and to continually review what’s out there as a resource and how it might work for you.


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