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How to use PR to get some LOVE for your brand

Posted by Deborah | February 14th, 2015 | No responses


Come on then you romantic Valentine’s celebrators… are you ‘feeling the love’ today?

As a certain pop diva once said (no points for this one) ‘Learning to Love Yourself is the Greatest Love of All’.

No, you’re not about to hear me spout chapter on verse on inner-child psychology and freeing yourself from past hurts, but there’s something in that message around self-reflection and self-appreciation which can be the absolute catalyst to enabling you to start winning at the PR and marketing game.

The parallel is pretty obvious – in life you can’t reflect the best of yourself if you don’t believe it to be true and spend a good deal of time and attention sharing your beautiful best with others.

Likewise, if you’re a business or a brand and you hide your light under a bushel, or fail to believe in your offering and its USP, then you stand pretty little chance of being loved and appreciated by a healthy customer base.

So, this Valentine’s Day, let’s look at five steps to ensure you’re using your PR and marketing in a way which gives you some much deserved ‘love’ for your business or brand:

  1. So the hard but critical bit is self-reflection. Where are you? What’s the business’s position in its market? Where do you want it to be? Prepare well for the pursuit of your ‘love interest’. This ensures you attract the right ‘suitors’ who really want your product.
  2. What time and resource do you have and are you able / prepared to put into your marketing tactics? There’s no point in envisaging you’ll conquer Everest with a monumental PR campaign, when you only have the manpower to achieve the equivalent of a flight of stairs. Spend some time thinking who in your business can give time to the task, and whether it’s a valuable use of that allocation. If not, consider a consultant or agency which can work with you.
  3. Set the message. Just as when we start seeking real love, we’d all like to go out to the market and have them know that we’re hyper intelligent, exceptionally beautiful, financially empowered, sporty as you like….and the rest, it’s just not likely we possess every tick in the box. So, instead, spend time thinking what your USP is and how your market will hone in on that offering and favour you over your competitor. Is it your pricepoint, your individual attention, or just your location?
  4. Explore the way in which you’re going to reach out and spread your love to gain love in return. So, some of your customer base may best receive news of your services and products via traditional PR means – reading about you in physical newspapers and magazines. Others may be on-the-go types, more likely to be reached through online or social media advertising or promotion. Consider who you’re reaching for and tailor your marketing accordingly.
  5. Plan key points for engagement, evaluation and potential re-direction. Just as you wouldn’t keep up forever more with an online dating process which was failing you, or a blind date every Saturday night, you shouldn’t keep up with a marketing campaign which shows too little results. Plan in opportunities to assess and regroup, and also to engage with the audience which is responding and find out why they’ve felt lured toward you.

Good luck!


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