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Five Things Election Night Tells us About Media Today

Posted by Deborah | May 8th, 2015 | No responses


You don’t have to be a news junkie to have found yourself getting caught up in the overnight coverage of the General Election.

Judging by the activity on social media and the commentary from Joe and Jane Bloggs throughout the wee small hours, the programming was very much of an addictive nature and kept a lot of us hooked in and eager to consume minute by minute updates.

Throughout that period, we found ourselves relying heavily on panels of accomplished newscasters and journalists who were able to dissect the results in realtime.

That’s a telling reminder to anyone who has ever doubted the ongoing need for ‘traditional journalists’ in the midst of modern-day media dissection.

I’ve read more than enough posts of late, questioning whether there’s still a place for traditionally trained journalists, or whether in fact the sector has been changed so much by social media and so-called ‘citizen journalism’ that we care less what a professional has to say.
Clearly not. Journalists and commentators worked their socks off over the course of Election Night…’s just that they may have deployed different approaches to sourcing and disseminating the stats and facts than perhaps they did five years ago.

Here’s five key ways in which the Election Night has taught us something about today’s Media and Marketing Landscape:



A story which affects us will ALWAYS keep us hooked:

Find a subject which matters to real people, and their willingness to engage in media about it is guaranteed.


Citizen journalism doesn’t replace real traditional journalism. It adds to it:

We very much needed and wanted expert broadcasters and commentators to be reporting the blow by blow of the election, but the fact we could also delve into social media feeds and hear the opinions of others added to the experience.


Social media gives us all a voice:

Pre social media, we would all have been ‘spectating’ the unfolding political stories. This time, we were a ‘part of it’, thanks to the ability to create conversation and involve ourselves in the commentary of others.


You never quite know how the story will play out:

No matter how many pollsters had applied their knowledge and thoughts to the Election run-up, it surprised us all that the results didn’t bear reference to those predictions. In marketing, let it be a warning that using surveys and research can be a great asset, but it is just one dimension in really understanding what it is your customer wants and how they choose to purchase or engage with you.


Not every PR campaign will succeed…no matter the intention or budget:

There are several parties and individuals nursing their wounds today and wondering how they got their PR campaign so wrong. It’s worth bearing in mind that sometimes, no matter what work you’ve put in in advance, the messaging won’t gel and you’ll have to go back to square one.

Don’t let it dissuade you. Learn lessons where they’re due and turn your energy toward the next marketing effort.



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