Editorial Services

You may know roughly what you want to say, but putting your thoughts, expertise or experience in to the written word doesn’t come easy for every business owner or executive.

We can help you.

The beauty of our editorial services is that we call on journalistic skill and a creative ability to capture your targeted messages in a way which will be well received by your customer, stakeholder, staff member – or potential sales lead.

Editorial services we offer are as broad and as varied as you would wish them to be. We can help you with:

>> Thought Leadership Articles for Trade Press, Targeted Newspapers, Guest Blogs
>> Op-ed or Opinion Lead articles
>> Regular editorial for in house publications
>> Support with stakeholder articles

We take on contracted editorial activity for customer publications, as well as one-off or periodic projects which require considered and researched articles.

You don’t even have to be sat aside us to brief us on the area of expertise and help us form the opinion article or relevant editorial content. In fact, we’ve taken briefs over Skype for overseas clients, and we’ve worked with third party organisations to have your editorial translated into different languages (particularly if you’re reaching a specific foreign audience).

Editorial creation can then be altered as befitting of online opportunities, or even to help you turn the editorial into a scripted video message.

Our editorial clients have included:

>> St John Ambulance London

>> Suffolk Agricultural Association (The Suffolk Show)

>> Hoffman Institute

>> Suffolk Education Business Partnership

>> Glenna Trout

Before you engage editorial services, here are three top tips to ensure it’s the right process for you:

1)      Make sure you’ve identified whether editorial in the written form is the right medium for you. Consider who you’re trying to reach and how they will find your content.

2)      Develop a tone of voice. This is best done with your editorial consultant, who will help you frame your message.

3)      Implement a means of assessing how well received your editorial is. Why partake in it if it doesn’t bring results?

Contact me today to discuss how our editorial services could help you.