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Content Marketing – What you need to know

Posted by Deborah | April 14th, 2015 | No responses


If you’re interested in marketing, or advised by a marketeer, doubtless you’ll have heard references to ‘content marketing’ and the fact that you really need to prioritise it this year.

So what is it, why does it matter to you, and how do you (or a supplier of your choice) tackle it?

Try thinking of content marketing as less about ‘selling’ directly to your customer, and more about ‘communicating’ with them.

Yes, ultimately the goal is to influence behaviour in the direction of purchasing your product or service, but content marketing encourages you to gain dialogue with your audience and to think about regular engagement – rather than just making them spend, spend, spend.

Be warned – this isn’t your excuse for start touting content of little value to your audience. That’s as good as sticking random takeaway flyers through the door of a clean-eating foodie; or targeting a senior citizen with information about the latest baby formula.

Content marketing means what you produce must at all times be RELEVANT and in some way VALUABLE to the recipient.

If you’ve given even the slightest consideration to your overall marketing strategy, chances are, you’re already thinking about some aspects of content marketing.

After all, every marketing channel relies on production of content.

So – when you’re using social media, you’re pointing to, or offering, content which you think the follower or tweeter will also like.

When you produce a press release, you’re providing content which a reader finds to be of interest or which particularly sits with their way of thinking.

And when it comes to SEO, search engines favour those sites which are regularly creating new content of value.

So, think it’s time you embraced some content marketing? Here’s five tips:


Think images. We all love a picture or video to demonstrate what someone is saying or thinking. Think about including film and great photography in the content you use.

Be consistent. There’s little point in starting your content creation and forgetting about it for weeks at a time. Remember, search engines will reward you for regularity.

Share. If you know someone else has an audience where your content will be received well, don’t be afraid to share your content with them to help it travel further.

Be ‘of the moment’. Consider what would make your content topical. Is there something in the news which captures your point perfectly? If so, use it.

Call in the experts. If you can’t consistently provide content because of time or skill, but know that you’d like to, call in a consultant or agency you would trust to help you. I help dozens of businesses with everything from one-off content to long-term strategic provision. They all say the same – it’s a huge benefit to know it’s being done for them!


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