Content Creation

Content creation is about producing relevant material for your website, social media channels or specific marketing campaign – most likely with the central aim of enhancing your audience’s understanding of your offering…and in so doing, winning you more business.

A lot has been, and continues to be, discussed around what makes good and bad content.

Done properly, your content should be something that people will want to share – from one social media account to another, or from one blog post, to another’s website, or via a news feed.

It is a hugely important component of today’s digital marketing gambit, and is only likely to become an increasing priority for businesses of all scale.

Top tips for good content creation would be:

  • Quality over Quantity –

Don’t get hung up on the length of an article or blog post. Make sure it’s accurate and free of spelling mistakes. Reference authors and research if relevant. Make it something that your reader will be glad to have spent a few minutes reading.

  • Pick your timing –

As with any PR or marketing activity, there are good times and bad times for when you run or release particular content. Have a think about when you are distributing it and whether it sits wisely with any particular news agenda.

  • Know your audience –

Speaking to anyone is about communicating for their specific ears. Just as you would tone something differently for your child to your boss, think about who is reading your content and how best you can get your message across to them.

  • The feedback loop –

Why push out some content marketing if you don’t have a call to action or an opportunity for someone to contact you by return. Remember why you are engaging in the act in the first place.

  • Stay relevant –

Just because you’ve posted a piece of content one week, doesn’t mean you can’t post again the following week. Refresh and revise as you see fit.

  • Distribute for all you’re worth –

After the effort of producing the content, be sure to share or re-distribute it as widely and as effectively as you can. Give everyone a chance to see what a content genius you are!