No Plane? No Global Offering? No Need for Media Training?

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WE’VE watched something pretty close to a masterclass in crisis related PR delivery this week. Both British Airways and McCarran International Airport can only be commended for how they reacted in the aftermath of the Las Vegas plane fire. Each brand used on and offline mediums to convey the very […]

What now for the charity sector and its PR?

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The charity sector has had an exceptionally torrid time of it this year, what with the fundraising story in the light of Olive Cooke’s tragic death, the recent closure of Kids Company against a backdrop of controversy, and now the new allegations relating to Mr Samuel Rae. Do we the […]

Ashley Madison and Lessons in Reputation Management

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The messy situation around the online dating service, Ashley Madison, rumbles on. In fact, now we hear all sorts of organisations are being implicated in the cyber attack and potentially having to address reputation issues with a matter of urgency. There’s no doubting that a business which used the strapline […]

When Intent to Deliver Becomes Willingness to Deceive

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IF you’re in the world of PR, then the so-called ‘sweaty-gate’ story probably hasn’t escaped your attention this week. One particular agency has found itself the subject of an investigation after it used its own employee as a ‘casestudy’, when flogging the benefits of its client’s product to the media. […]

Carphone Warehouse – A Bad Case of PR and Stakeholder Communications

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Imagine having been lazing on your sun lounger in a holiday resort at the weekend, enjoying the first few days of your much-needed break from the daily grind. And then you pick up your tablet to flick through the news from back home and you find: “Carphone Warehouse hackers may […]

Why the Bake-Off is a Perfect Marketing Example

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It’s heading back to our screens within days, and we’re all set for water-cooler gossip around who’s got a saggy bottom and who had perky buns. When the Great British Bake-Off first aired in 2010, it would have seemed a case of wishful thinking to assume it would be a […]

Does the world of sport need a PR re-think?

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In the course of the last week I’ve caught no end of analysis and commentary questioning aspects of sport, and its accompanying PR. On the one hand, we’ve heard huge amounts about the Sky team as it completed its impressive run of form with a win in the Tour de […]

Stop with the sticking plasters. Have a strategy.

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I have a friend who has tried to run a marathon upwards of half a dozen times now. I say ‘tried’ because every time he’s become immersed in the training and preparation, he finds himself scuppered by injury, illness, or a complete psychological panic. His problem? He’s as far removed […]

Let’s Make Friends…And Tips on Getting a Journalist to Value You

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to see a client and the first thing they say about members of the media is ‘they never run my stuff’. Invariably, the dialogue that follows tends to include their proclamations along the lines of:   It was a great story […]

Sun, Sea, Sand and….Silly Season: Make Summer Work for You

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School gates are closing all over the place for the summer holidays this week, and it pushes us into the territory often referred to as ‘Silly Season’. With parliament out, schools closed, families on holiday, and workplaces running on lower staff numbers, this is the time of year we label […]