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Brand Custodians Be Warned: A Single Victory is Not Enough

Posted by Deborah | May 11th, 2015 | No responses


So did we all spot the crates of Champagne being delivered to Downing Street this weekend?
Even if you didn’t spot the images all over social media, it’s hard not to have imagined the kind of celebrations and shenanigans that would have been going on behind the Conservative Party’s closed doors.
Without doubt, whether you put it down to their marketing through the election run-up or not, the Tories had plenty to celebrate.

But, let it be a lesson to brand custodians and marketeers everywhere, that celebrating a single victory and neglecting to keep your eye on the road ahead can be a very big mistake.

One entrepreneur who has instructed me on a number of campaigns in recent years, once told me about how he lost his first business and how he learned quickly about the importance of re-evaluating immediately after one apparent PR win.

In his case, he admitted he’d achieved great success profiling his particular product to the masses and getting the phone ringing off the hook.

He was so thrilled by the result that even when his staff were saying they hadn’t got enough resource to handle the calls and enquiries, he was too busy feeling smug to look at whether he needed a ‘step two’ of his marketing campaign, and how he needed to urgently improve his infrastructure.

Within a year his business had lost the first burst of loyalty and suffered badly.

He says now that he always thinks not just about ‘initial PR and marketing’ but what happens ‘after’ the first big victory and how to retain interest and appetite.

Here’s some tips on maintaining momentum after a first burst of PR activity.


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Before pushing out your campaign, think ahead to what will happen in the event of ABC result. Do you need to have certain logistics in place? How will you communicate in the event of different outcomes?

Consider the paths of communication.

Your main PR effort may have been through press, or broadcast, but as interest is attracted, consumers are going to start looking you up online too.

They’ll go to your social media accounts and your website. Make sure these are updated to reflect your campaign.

NOTE: As of 8.30am today Monday 11th May, the Conservative Party’s site was STILL saying ‘TODAY IS ELECTION DAY’.


Have you formed an army?
If your campaign is to be ongoing and if it’s to affect several parties within your business, make sure you’re communicating to them what your expectation is of them, and also what you anticipate the impact of the PR might be on their department or function.


Evaluate Enthusiastically

Regardless of whether your burst of PR and marketing has been a success, the single thing you have to have the courage to do is to assess your errors as well as your triumphs.

Court opinion if necessary, but certainly don’t ‘right off’ an unsuccessful piece of campaign activity and push it away into a drawer.
Consult if necessary

If you’ve been overwhelmed by the latest marketing effort and its result – in whatever direction – it can be a good idea to get an external advisor in to take a helicopter view and help you go the next step. Keeping things too ‘close’ can stop you being objective enough.

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