What’s to learn from Wimbledon’s approach to marketing?

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It’s been a fixture on our sporting calendar for as long as any of us can remember, it attracts an audience from every corner of the globe and yet it started ‘doing its thing’ long before we regarded PR & marketing as an important business discipline in its own right. […]

Tunisia, the 20-something Spokesperson, & the thirst for instant knowledge

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As expected, the first 72 hours following the Tunisia attack saw TV networks and newspapers flooded with accounts from holidaymakers affected by the devastation. As a PR bod, what strikes me in the aftermath of these incidents is how often we hear more speedily from the: -       Travel Experts -       […]

Mo, a PR crisis, and when to reach externally

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Turn the clock back to 2012 and Mo Farah was like the male equivalent of our regard for Jess Ennis. As such, he became a poster-boy of Britain’s efforts in the Olympic Games – a darling of cleanly performed sporting endeavour. Roll forward to 2015 and here we are watching […]

Stop Selling to Me. Sell You to Me.

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I know we all moan about the need to attend networking events from time to time, but they can be a really great insight – even if they don’t immediately land you the six figure contract.This week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to one which had a great […]

What are you really teaching us Mr Grey?

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If you’ve been up reading since Midnight, or have found yourself blushing on your commute into work this morning as you scroll the latest download on your Kindle – perhaps Mr Grey has been to blame. The early hours of today saw the release of the fourth book by E […]

Chris Evans, New Kid on the Block & Meaning to a Brand

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It’s finally been revealed today that Chris Evans will take the host spot for Top Gear. After much speculation, and hot on the heels of his great TFI return, the BBC Radio Two breakfast presenter will now head the much loved car show – with a new crew yet to […]

Dear Bank Manager…It’s Time You Helped my Marketing

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I didn’t know where to start. I don’t have any contacts. It will cost too much to reach the audience I need to get to. I’m just not connected enough. These are exactly the kinds of comments I hear from clients who are finally picking up the phone to advisors […]

Go Away. I’ve Got Recipient’s Regret!

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I spotted a tweet over the weekend from someone who had clearly reached the point of ‘Recipient’s Regret’. Not come across this yet? Oh trust me, I bet you may well have. This is the point where you, as the once-willing recipient of a brand’s marketing dialogue, have now grown […]

Rebranding – How to Pull it Off

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Remember when Snickers was Marathon? Remember when Burberry was considered gang-style attire? Remember when McDonalds knew nothing of salads or fruit? What all these have in common, is that, to a greater or lesser degree, they have gone about the process of a rebrand. Of course, for most envisaging the […]

You Had Me At Hello

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Yes, yes, I know it’s a cheesy line from a chick-flick and you’ll be recalling the moment that Dorothy Boyd stares back at husband Jerry Maguire after his five minute speech and says ‘just shut up…you had me at hello’. But, believe it or not, there’s an important business lesson […]