FIFA Has Created a Sponsor Dilemma. How do you get Sponsorship Right?

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While the sponsors attached to FIFA haven’t all been completely running for the hills in light of the latest scandal, it’s certainly presented an interesting time for communications managers in those businesses. Brand association and strategic sponsorship is a hugely complex issue for any corporate to consider. On the one […]

Me, Me, Me, I, I, I…And the Mistake Too Many Businesses Make

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We’ve all known people in our lives who, when you sit down to ‘exchange stories’ you find yourself on the receiving end of a relentless dialogue all about them. Whatever you might have started as a topic – you can be sure they’ve done it bigger or better. They’re clearly […]

What I wish i’d known before I started my PR career

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No matter what career you’re in, and however much you may love it (the majority of the time) there’s probably one or two aspects where you find yourself thinking… “They didn’t mention that in the job description!”. For me, PR wasn’t the thing I sat down with a careers advisor […]

Can their Success be your Marketing Victory?

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A savvy marketing or communications manager is the kind you want to be friends (as well as colleagues) with. They’re the kind that manages, in their unique and admirable way, to dovetail strategic thinking with being the perfect opportunist. Check out their desk drawer, and they’ll be the one with […]

Sail Your Way to PR Success With Tips from Cunard

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Today is a mammoth day in the history of the shipping line Cunard. Thousands will line the dockside in Liverpool to see three of the ocean liners perform a ‘dance’ in commemoration of their superb transatlantic travel record. I count myself spectacularly fortunate to have been a guest aboard the […]

Social Media and Brand Susceptibility – Help! I’m Scared of the Critics

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While most of us recognise the great many benefits of engaging in conversation on social media, the ‘pro’ sentiment isn’t altogether universal. What I hear time and time again in social media workshops, or when chatting to clients about implementing online engagement channels is ‘what if it all goes wrong’. […]

Just 15 Minutes to Marketing Success (And how to stop complaining you’re busy)

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How busy am I compared with you? And is my ‘busy’ more purposeful than yours? Could my ‘busy’ be more productive in the grand scheme of my objectives? Could a change to my ‘busy’ breed better results? I ask the questions around ‘busy’ because we all know people, particularly in […]

Never Mind the Problem – Give me a Solution

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Of all the corporate communications teams to be in right now, one can’t imagine it’s huge fun being in the thick of the Thomas Cook PR activity this week. Being immersed in an arena like that might be a constructive career challenge, and a potential opportunity to demonstrate serious marketing/comms […]

A Casestudy in PR Failure – Thomas Cook Does Its Worst

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It’s difficult to know where to even begin when it comes to unpicking the extent of the communications failings in the case of the Thomas Cook disaster. Today, you can rest assured that the corporate reputation of the company is in pieces, and that its management and PR teams are […]

The Chicken and Egg of Social Media and Traditional Journalism

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Let me bore you for a few seconds about the days of story-sourcing in my early years within journalism. Fresh from graduation and flung into the world of a regional newsroom, story-gathering was all about being allocated a ‘patch’, door-knocking, hunting out gossip, a little charm offensive from time to […]