Why PR is critical for your startup

Posted by Deborah | March 31st, 2015 | No responses

Starting out in business is no cheap undertaking. Whether you’re a service provider, the inventor of a new product, or a facilitator who believes their concept will set the world on fire – money will be paramount at the outset. You’ll be thinking about all the upfront costs which you […]

Rejection, Failure, Disappointment, Disaster….Why these could be great for your business

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We’ve finally heard the verdict on Jeremy Clarkson, and speculation is already rife as to what will ‘become’ of the BBC presenter. Will his career hit an unstoppable decline? Will all hope of future broadcast opportunities disappear in a puff of smoke? Or will this apparent ‘negative PR’ incident actually […]

When Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

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If you’re a Liverpool fan, you’d have received one in the last 24 hours, courtesy of Steven Gerrard. If you’re a Redhill cyclist, yours came from Easyjet over the weekend. And if you’re a Clarkson fan….well, you’ll be waiting to find out whether it’s he or the BBC who’ll deliver […]

What Disney & Elsa can teach you about succesful PR

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It’s the news that will excite ‘girlie girls’ all over the land. This morning it’s been announced that the highest grossing animated film, Frozen, is to have a sequel in the not too distant future. Fans everywhere could debate for hours what makes it such an incredible success, but whatever […]

Has the press release breathed its last?

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It’s not all that long ago (at least I like to think so…) that I sat in a newsroom in my journalistic career, anticipating hard-copy press releases arriving on my desk in time-honoured fashion, ready to be inputted or tweaked to aid the day’s news agenda. Back then, we’d receive […]

Where does PR stop and social media begin?

Posted by Deborah | March 5th, 2015 | 1 Response

How do you view the relationship of and between, PR and social media? Do you see them as all part of the same mix? Perhaps as separate tools to achieve the same goal? Or, do you favour the idea that they serve very different purposes and therefore cannot be viewed […]

What does THAT DRESS tell us about a great potential PR story?

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Whether you’re a tabloid reader, an online news junkie, or a slave to the broadsheet, chances are you’ll have seen a certain story about a certain dress in the last few days. The ‘is it white/gold or blue/black’ dress became something of a viral sensation, after the image originally being […]