Awards – Are they worth your time and effort?

Posted by Deborah | January 21st, 2015 | No responses

They take time to enter, there’s potential cost involved, and there’s no crystal ball that guarantees you’ll win, so are awards really good for business? As a business owner, there’s no doubt you’ve got a zillion and one other things you could be doing, but there’s good reason why everyone […]


How do you handle and overcome a PR crisis?

Posted by Deborah | January 19th, 2015 | 1 Response

Most of us will have seen the debacle that ensued at the weekend, when Eurostar passengers were left stranded…and livid. The issue took hold on Saturday when a fire occurred on a Eurotunnel vehicle. It led to a closed link, cancelled trains and thousands wondering how they’d ever get to […]


Enough with the Self-Bragging….And Other Suggestions!

Posted by Deborah | January 13th, 2015 | No responses

I know we women have a lot of time for one George Clooney (well, we’d want time with George Clooney given half the flipping chance!). That said, did any of us cringe – just a little – when he seemed to be using his professional ‘do’ to profess his love […]


REALITY TV OR NOT? Let’s Discuss Media Representation on TV

Posted by Deborah | January 7th, 2015 | No responses

NO matter what profession you’re in, you probably cringe a little when your specific career field is portrayed in TV or film. I can imagine doctors and nurses berating their TV sets from time to time when the latest episode of Holby City or Casualty happens to capture a character […]