What’s to learn from Wimbledon’s approach to marketing?

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It’s been a fixture on our sporting calendar for as long as any of us can remember, it attracts an audience from every corner of the globe and yet it started ‘doing its thing’ long before we regarded PR & marketing as an important business discipline in its own right. […]


Champions of Change

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Change happens all around us, and for all sorts of reasons. There’s the predictable change of seasons, the less predictable hourly change of the weather, and the even more unpredictable change of moods among people we know and love. So what about corporate change? What happens when a business requires fundamental […]


Playing the Beautiful Game (of PR) internationally

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With the World Cup literally ‘kicking off’ this week, countries and cultures come together to play by one set of game rules. Let’s take a look at how international relations can prove helpful as you approach your marketing and business development. 1. customers are many and varied Our customer-base is […]


Employee Engagement – Whose Job is it Anyway?

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Take a look at the departmental structure of most reasonably sized businesses, and you’ll find the HR team playing a key role. Let’s face it, in the days of accountability and a legal position on responsible staff welfare, what right thinking boss wouldn’t want someone overseeing employee matters? But how […]


Are you spreading the love in the world of business?

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Maybe it’s because we know they would most likely throw a fit, storm out to the pub or slope off to the spare room. Maybe it’s because we’re afraid of ending up alone and forgotten. Whatever it is, there has to be a reason that in our private lives we know […]


Journalists Love PR People

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Well, okay, the truth of the matter here is, they don’t always…but they could learn to. Having been both a journalist and a PR, I’ve a pretty good sense of what gets said in a newsroom about PR types. “They’re pedalling that rubbish brand to me again…” “This is so […]


Copywriting and Content Marketing…One and the same?

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A lot is being said about the importance of content marketing as part of a business’s profiling strategy. So does that just mean copywriting with a new suit? Not quite. They have similarities, and together achieve a great deal, but you do need to differentiate what you’re asking for if you […]


Marketing DIY Month

Posted by Deborah | June 2nd, 2014 | 3 Responses

We’ve made it to June – a month marked in the United States as Entrepreneurs Do It Yourself Marketing Month. In honour of that, here’s my 10 tips for some easy DIY steps to help your PR and marketing. 1. Know your audience So, first thing’s first. If you don’t know who you’re reaching […]