PR the Person or PR the Brand?

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So we’ve all sifted through the newspapers and online conversation over the last few days and seen the barrage of UKIP / Farage-focused narrative. Of course, the interesting thing about all this editorial and comment, is whether indeed the nation has really bought into the ethos of A)  an entire […]


Are you ever ‘off duty’ from your own marketing?

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Dial option 1 for this. Press option 2 for that. It’s option 3 if you’re getting annoyed. Now option 4 if this process has got you on the edge of a nervous breakdown. And perhaps option 5 if you’re a glutton for punishment and think you’ll wait a little longer…. […]


The Van Gaal Effect: How a change at the top can affect PR strategy

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AND so the deal is done. After something of a false start with David Moyes, Manchester United has now signed Louis Van Gaal as their club manager. It puts Ryan Giggs right there by his side as assistant, and grants the rest of the world the right to kick-up a […]


In business and in life, it’s your race and yours alone

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I’m sat writing this latest column a matter of hours after completing what has to be one of the best 10k round-the-town races in the country. The Woodbridge 10k may be demanding (who knew a county as flat as Suffolk could have so many inclines?) but the residents and businesses […]


Top 10 Reasons Companies Seek PR and Marketing Support

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Over the years of being in public relations, I’ve seen all sorts of corporate motivations for enlisting PR and marketing help. Here are a few: 1. I’ve a product to sell… This one is pretty obvious. It stands to reason that a company with a service or commodity is going […]


Are we listening as well as we hear?

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Do any of us really HEAR what it is our clients want from us? It’s a simple enough question, and Lord knows, we spend a lot of time talking to them about strategy, emailing them with concepts, and tele-conferencing about deliverables…but are we really HEARING what’s being said. There’s a […]


Five lessons Stephen Sutton could teach us in business

Posted by Deborah | May 14th, 2014 | 2 Responses

We were all touched by the incredible spirit and determination which kept Stephen Sutton campaigning in his final months whilst fighting cancer. It struck me that there’s an awful lot we business owners, team leaders and ambitious career climbers can learn from his behaviour. 1. If you’ve something to say, […]


So what is PR anyway?

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As a journalist, it was all very easy having family understand the career I’d signed up to. I had a byline, a tangible product at the end of my working day, and a place in an industry which seemed to fascinate those I met. Cut to the world of PR, […]